Wrestling with a creative rut

My creative juice just has not been flowing lately.  I’ll admit, my first inclination is to blame this dreary London weather but after two weeks of taking uninspiring photos it’s time to face the ugly truth… I’m in a bit of a rut.  How did this happen?  There’s no shortage of inspiration around me, I have all the photography gear that I need, and I even managed to loosen up the knotted purse strings to treat myself to a few new props.  So what gives?

Twyla Tharp, dancer, choreographer and author of The Creative Habit, has long touted that the ingredients to fostering creativity is discipline, preparation, and routine. Turn it into a habit and it becomes second nature.  It is in Tharp’s advice that I identify my issue: general lack of preparation. My approach to food photography is usually based on a ‘let’s see how this looks” tactic rather than a carefully thought out plan of what the end result should look like. It is an approach the pros caution against but I preferred having room to explore and experiment instead of being tied down to an idea.

Perhaps it’s time to graduate to a more disciplined approach, one that requires proper planning to create my vision and then execute in film (yes, I use a digital camera but film sounds so much more romantic than SD card).  I would rather see this rut as a time to grow because the alternative is to face my worst fear… accepting that this is all I have to give.  Eek!

Today’s pictures of beets and clementines will, ideally, be the last of my free-form photography days.  I hope you’ll find the upcoming posts and pictures more interesting or at least amusing as I do battle with my creative habit.  I would also be interested to hear about your experiences.  Have you encountered a creative rut?  How did you work past it?

Clementines in a bowlBeets

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