Unplugged in Boston

Two weeks in Boston and I barely picked up my camera.  Emails were left unanswered, tweets ignored, and I’ve already forgotten the password to my WordPress account.  I didn’t plan on taking a short hiatus when I hopped on the flight that would reunite me with my friends and family but I feel so much more connected for having briefly unplugged.

Saying that I ate like a champion over the last two weeks is an understatement.  When my family wasn’t busy plying me with noodles of every kind, friends brought over sushi, fruits, cake pops, and wine galore.  And then there was Thankgsiving where turkey and pork loins competed with 6 side dishes for real estate in our stomachs.

When I wasn’t busy eating I was knitting.  With still a fractured foot and limited mobility I set aside my camera and opted for yarn, knitting and purling my way through two baby scarves for friends who are new parents.  And now, two weeks later, I am ready to resume my London life: poring over cookbooks and making pictures.

CLOSE MENU .... .... ....