New additions: Baby Caryna & Canon gear

I really shouldn’t have but I did it anyway.  In my camera bag sits two new additions: a full frame Canon 5D Mark III and a 50mm f/1.2 L lens.  The BF shakes his head at my new toys but I barely pay attention as I’m daydreaming of all the beautiful moments I can capture without worrying about low light situations as I did with the 7D.  As financially painful as the upgrade is, I’m already impressed with the quality of its output and am plotting several projects to put the gear to work.

The new gear came with me as I met the newest (& cutest) addition to my extended family, Caryna, during my week in Boston.  At 7 weeks old this little girl is already full of character and has the best facial expressions even the grumpiest photographer would love.  I’m so proud to introduce her here to you and cannot wait to capture her over the years.





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