My introduction to studio lighting & commercial photography

It took me a while to come to terms with spending £700 on a 4-day food & product photography workshop at the London School of Photography.  These days I have all the time in the world but cash is another story, so you can imagine my hesitation.  The motivation for enrolling in the course was to learn about studio lighting and to satisfy my curiosity in working with food for commercial photography.

In the end what made this course worthwhile for me were the two instructors -one specializing in product and the other in food- and the dedicated assistant.  The course material was somewhat standard (as in it was something I could read in a book about the subject matter or find through a thorough google search) but it was the wisdom that the instructors injected into the sessions that made it almost worth the fee.  Tales of their on the field experiences, strange client requests and how they tackled it were fun to hear about and made me realize that thinking outside of the box & attention to detail is imperative for this type of work.

While my photographic style has been more journalistic and lifestyle-oriented I’m excited to add commercial photography into my repertoire.  I’ll be looking forward to incorporating artificial light into my shoots as I progress in photography and find a style that’s completely mine.

Below, I share with you some of the projects we worked on in the studio:

Nivea product line on white perspex, lit by boom stand

M&S microwavable spaghetti & meatballs. Our attempt at making it look palatable.

Mad Hatter-inspired afternoon tea spread

Our attempt at a conceptual shot

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