Hello 2014

I was ready for 2013 to be over by the second week of December.  Not because I was in a bah-humbug mood (which is known to happen from time to time) but b/c there’s so much to look forward to in 2014!!!

On a professional level, I’m striving to keep learning and evolving.  This will be the year where I’ll put my speedlites to use and enter the terrain of artificial lighting.  I also have plans to pursue further food photography & styling workshops to strengthen and experiment with a style that’s unique to me.

On a personal front, wedding planning for May 2014 is well underway!  I’m not much of a procrastinator but it has been a bit like pulling teeth for the both of us. With so much to consider and coordinate how do people find time to enjoy their engagement?  My delay tactics recently came to an end and now I have finally decided on a dress.  Baby steps!

I will also be starting a post-new year detox soon.  December has been a festive yet cruel month to many of us.  Daily Starbucks grande eggnogs, rich succulent dishes and the wine – lots of wine – were just part of my month-long indulgence. It didn’t take long for the sluggishness and general feeling of near combustion to take its toll on me.  Once I return from a quick long weekend trip in Boston I’ll be living the Clean detox once again.

Sultry proscuitto

Indulgence: prosciutto on red leicester cheese with chilli over buttermilk crackers

CLOSE MENU .... .... ....