Food & product photography workshop: day 1

It’s just a quick hello from me today.  This week I am attending a 5 day food & product photography workshop in London. After deliberating back and forth over the last two months as to whether it is worth plonking down the £700 for this workshop, I bit the bullet and opted for the chance to learn about studio lighting for commercial photography, particularly in food.

Gin & tonic with lime

Here’s a backlit setup we worked on today of gin and tonic with lime.  Quality is poor because this is taken with my iPhone but you get the concept.  We used a snoot to light from underneath the table to have the tonic and lime glow.  In the dSLR version you see lots more detail such as the bubbles.  Acrylic ice cubes were used to get better definition of the shapes.  Hope to have a better recap of the workshop as the week continues.  Happy Monday!

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