Double chocolate & espresso cookies and a one-legged baker

Baking with just one leg to stand on is no easy feat (get it?!) It’s been one week since my foot fracture and I am going stir crazy with “resting” on the chaise longue and ordering take out.  So today I claimed my kitchen back and baked, standing on one leg while the other is propped up on a chair, secure in its cast.  It’s almost a shame that no one was here to witness my insanity.

ISO 200 | f4.0 | 0.3 sec | 50mm

The cookies, unfortunately, came out mediocre.  I’ve come to blame the US-to-metric conversion for all the unsuccessful US cookie recipes I’ve baked while in the UK. Has anyone else had this problem?  These are tried and true recipes I’ve made living in the States that have somehow turned average when I revisit it in my London kitchen.  The obvious solution is to turn to recipes with metric measurements but it almost seems unpatriotic, after all we Americans love our measuring cups.

This is all to say I have no recipe to share with you today, but I would never leave you hanging without a few photos.

ISO 200 | f3.5 | 1/5 sec | 85mm with close up lens attachment

ISO 200 | f4.0 | 1/6 sec | 50mm

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