Butternut squash soup and my 50mm lens

Butternut squash is banned from my flat for the next few weeks.  It seems I’ve been a bit dependent on it ever since Autumn set in (case in point, I’ve made this once a week over the last three weeks) and the BF had to draw a line.  I managed to squeak one last dish in prior to the ban with leftover ingredients from my roasted butternut squash.  Without planning to I also turned it into a little photo op.

Here is the recipe for the butternut squash soup by Giada De Laurentiis.  I don’t normally trust skinny chefs but Giada has it right on the money with this one – a luscious soup that simply sums up Autumn flavors.  I’ve omitted the butter and cheese crostini as part of my healthy-eats initiative and thoroughly enjoyed the fried sage leaves instead.

On another note, for all you passionate photographers out there, do you have a go to lens when photographing food?  I’ve only just realized I rely on my 50mm lens a lot, particularly for quick and dirty shoots where I don’t want to fuss with a tripod.  Meanwhile, my 85mm lens has seen little action these days.  Am I just going through a phase of playing favorites?

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