About me :: 10 fun facts

This is the post I’ve been meaning to write over the last two years but kept putting it off. Theoretically writing about myself should be the easy part and yet it’s the part that feels the least natural.  How much of me should I put out thereWhat if it’s too much/too little/boring or comes off as insincere?  Finally I decided not to over think it and over a glass of wine share 10 fun facts about me & a video:

  1. My eyes are two different colors. One is brown and the other is completely black. The Brit lovingly calls it my death eye, “it’s like looking into the abyss.”
  2. The movie Up Close and Personal with Michelle Pfeiffer inspired me to study broadcast journalism in college for a year. While I was interning at a local TV station my dream was dashed when I realized that I can’t stand to be in front of the camera and, worse, hear the sound of my own voice.  There exists some great B rolls of me speaking complete nonsense, it might not even be in English, because I would get so flustered. Truly, I belong behind the camera.
  3. I can’t swim but that’s not even the surprising part. On day 2 of the YMCA swimming class my sister & I enrolled in, I dislocated my right shoulder while practicing a random stroke. It was on Mother’s Day. While my family was waiting for us to go home for dinner an ambulance was transporting us to the hospital. When they wheeled me into the ER I was still wearing a swim cap with goggles strapped on my head, I gather this is why the nurses mistook me for an Olympic swimmer.
  4. At age 14 I truly believed I would meet Prince William and we’d fall in love. I’m part psychic because the Brit I fell in love with, and eventually married, bore a striking resemblance to William when he was younger… and had hair.
  5. This should come as no surprise but I’m happiest when I have my camera in hand and shooting. My favorite people subjects are my grandmother & my niece.
  6. In college I studied abroad in Australia’s Gold Coast for 4 months. I learned absolutely nothing except that tequila doesn’t suit me but I did manage to travel around the country.
  7. I grew up in the projects until my family moved out to a nice suburb during my teen years. In the projects we had hookers for neighbors and a round of gunshots ringing in the neighborhood wasn’t uncommon.
  8. As I child I was so quiet and such a loner that my mom asked our doctor to test me for mental retardation.  It turns out I was really just shy.
  9. I married the same man three times in three different countries; a civil ceremony in Cambridge, UK, Chinese tea ceremony in Boston and reception party in Tuscany. I poke fun at the Brit a lot here (and in real life) but he’s the best human I know and definitely my better half.
  10. I’ve travelled to 23 countries and counting. High on my current list is Bhutan and Cuba. And Alaska. And Peru.

One last fact is that I’m a late adopter and have only started getting into making videos. This one is of the time I recently spent at a lakehouse in Maine with my tribe. (I know, everyone loves a good home movie right?)

I’ll end with this golden nugget: I’ve read each of the Harry Potter books at least 8 times. #Potternerd

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