Top 5 destinations worth revisiting

If you were to revisit a destination you have already traveled to, where would you go?  If I were to pick just one I would be on the next flight out to Melbourne, Australia to spend a few days in the city then retrace the drive down the Great Ocean Road from my study abroad days and cap the trip off with a chartered yacht in the Whitsunday Islands. I have recurring dreams about being back in Australia but feel that I can’t justify revisiting since there are just too many places I have yet to see & experience.  

When I was nominated by Jacintha to pick  five travel destinations I’d like to revisit, as part of the promotion, my mind went on overdrive.  I didn’t expect this exercise to be as effortless as choosing just one but it took me no time at all! Here are the rest of my destination picks (sorry photos of Australia are safely tucked away in a big box under my bed in the States):

Patagonia, Chile


No amount of research prepared me for the awe I felt when we arrived in Patagonia.  The landscape is such that you can’t help but stop and stare.  We did not have the heart to walk the W circuit in Torres del Paine but it was exciting to see so many people geared up for such an adventure.

My favorite part has to be a trip to Isla Magdalena, home of the Magellanic penguin colonies.  There were flocks of penguins waddling around this small island and if you don’t watch where you’re going you’ll fall into the holes where penguins lay their eggs.

Munnar, India
I found Munnar to be incredibly serene.  It’s quite a different atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of other Indian cities probably due to the fact that most of the land is used for tea plantations.   If you’re a tea drinker this is definitely the place to be!  Wearing shoes isn’t a requirement in Munnar and tempted as I was to try it out I immediately changed my mind when we saw a giant yellow snake slithering away in one of the tea estates.

Sahara Desert, MoroccoMorocco_Jan_2013-477-1

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Morocco is magical! While I wish the locals could tone down their aggressive money making schemes in Marrakech and Fez I felt completely at peace in the Sahara Desert. At sunset, the sand dunes glow a silky pinkish orange and all I wanted to do was take a dip in it.

We also really enjoyed camping in a Berber camp in Erg Chebbi.  That evening we, along with a few German tourists, sat by the fire star gazing while listening to the beats of the Berber drums.

Jmel (camel)

Jmel (camel)

Erg Chebbi to Merzouga via camels

Erg Chebbi to Merzouga via camels

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vietnam has my heart, partly because the majority of my family is from Ho Chi Minh City back when it was still called Saigon.  In 2007 my sister and I followed my mom back to the city where she was born & raised.  I loved the terrifying chaos of the traffic, the ease in which people laugh and, of course, the heart-wrenchingly delicious food.

I don’t have many concrete travel plans this year but do hope that another trip to Vietnam isn’t too far away.


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