Top 10 travel beauty essentials

As someone who only takes a carry on luggage when traveling I have to be extremely selective with the liquids I pack. It used to be a tough decision since I have drawers full of travel sized beauty products (a lot of my time used to be spent at Sephora’s) to choose from until I realized what it is I need the products to do when I’m traveling: hydrate, hide and highlight. After some trial and error, I’ve narrowed down 10 items that are perfect for both short weekend getaways and trips requiring long haul flights.

Top 10 travel beauty essentials
Top 10 travel beauty essentials photo

All of these products are the perfect carry on size (100 ml/3 oz or less).

  1. Dior Airflash spray foundation
    I discovered the Airflash while researching airbrush options for my wedding since I planned to do my own make up. It does not offer the complete flawless coverage that professional airbrushing would but is the 2nd best thing for a finished glow. Use a flat top brush (as pictured) to blend onto your face.
  2. Origins No Puffery eye mask
    I’ve been using the No Puffery eye mask for 10+ years and use it to eliminate puffy eyes after long flights, a restless night or intense crying from watching The Notebook (and more recently, You’re Not You). This is not a substitute for eye cream but if I had to choose between my La Mer eye concentrate or the eye mask, I’d choose the latter because I have found it next to impossible to hide puffy eyes.
  3. Clarins beauty flash balm
    This product doubles as a face mask and as a BB cream making it perfect for travel. It gives a little oomph to a tired complexion and also hydrates the skin. For short, weekend long trips I use the beauty flash balm in lieu of a day moisturizer just so I do not have to pack both.  I hate the word dewy but that’s what it does to your skin. Apply the balm right before your foundation.
  4. Arganic beauty oil
    My newest beauty find is the Arganic beauty oil (aka liquid gold) made from raw, organic argan oil in Morocco. I love it for its hydrating qualities.  Apply a few drops at night (instead of night cream) and you’ll see results the next morning.
  5. Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter (sample size shown)
    When my face is feeling particularly dehydrated (usually after a night out) I try not to apply too much make up since it usually worsens the problem. Instead I use a touch of Watt’s Up on the apples of my cheeks to give it some life. I love how it reflects light really well without going over the top.Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter sample size photo
  6. Diorshow mascara
    The only kind of drama I like is on my lashes and the Diorshow mascara delivers. Just wiggle a little at the bottom of your lash line and swipe up for great volume and length. A smaller travel size is also available for sale.
  7. Clarins SPF 50 Day Screen
    Sunscreen technically dos not hydrate, hide or highlight but I feel good about doing my skin long term justice by using it. I hated applying sunscreen for a while until I started using this day screen. It’s light, non greasy and absorbs quickly.  Apply under beauty flash balm.
  8. Benefit Eye Bright
    The eye bright works particularly well after a restless night. I blend a little on the inner and outer corner of my eyes to highlight (read: add life) to my eyes and draw attention away from under eye circles.
  9. Clarins Instant Light brush on concealer
    Illuminating concealer that hides under eye circles and blemishes. A little bit goes a long way.
  10. Rosebud Salve
    I primarily use the Rosebud Salve for chapped lips since I’m usually dehydrated while traveling. It can also be used for mosquito bites and dry skin. This little pot goes everywhere with me while at home or abroad.

What are your must have travel beauty essentials?

Note: The link I provided for each product is where I bought the item or is directed to the brand’s website because it contains helpful information for your reference.

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