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Taken to the sky: in flight views

Annyung haseyo! Konichiwa! Bom dia! Two weeks in Korea & Japan have come & gone ( and my vocab is still no more impressive than hello and thank you :/) and now I’m in the home of port & Potugal’s 2nd largest city: Porto.  I hope to check in on the blog from time to time while I’m on location feasting through Portugal with Aptece and fellow food & travel bloggers.  For regular updates you can find me on Instagram: @candidsbyJo.

In the meantime, here are some scenes from the sky. For our honeymoon we splurged for business class seats on British Airways to Korea from London. I’m usually pretty happy chilling on economy seats but for a 12 hour flight being able to sleep horizontally was well worth the upgrade!

In flight on British Airways: kir royale & beautiful lightpintopinterest
In flight on British Airways: Korean islands from the skypintopinterest
candids by Jo takes flight pintopinterest

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