Seeing London: new perspectives

It took a redhead 5 days to reveal London to me and she’s the one who is the tourist.

In the 21 months I’ve lived in London I have done my fair bit of discovery of the city and of the country, yet it all still feels foreign.  Then Margi arrived.  A friend, anglophile and Chicagoan (though part Bostonian at heart) came, saw and reminded me what to look for.  Her energy and perspective is just what the doctor would have ordered if I bothered seeing one.

Illuminating architecture

Perhaps I was getting a little jaded by my surroundings.  Then I looked through the photographs I’ve taken over the last year and wonder how that ever could have been the case.  Sometimes, you just need a reminder to see differently.

Night lights on Regent Street

CLOSE MENU .... .... ....