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Sedona rocks… literally

We’re on Day 11 of our US road trip today and can be found hiking around the eerily-named Death Valley National Park in California.  While I head out to visit a ghost town nearby I’ll leave you with some sights from Red Rock Country: Sedona, Arizona.

There is hiking to be done in Sedona.  Perfectly marked trails and clear pathways makes this city a hiker’s dream.  We decided to try the Bell Rock path but midway through I had to give up as my healing fractured foot puffed up in displeasure.  Since Bell Rock is also one of the vortex sights, where spiritual energy is said to be found, I had half expected it to set the healing process in motion but… it apparently doesn’t work for psuedo-believers.

At the end of the day what lifted my energy was chasing a very colorful sunset followed by a prickly pear (cactus) mojito.

Bell Rock formationpintopinterest

Bell Rock formation

Nicely marked trailspintopinterest

Nicely marked trails

A fiery Sedona skypintopinterest

A fiery Sedona sky

Sun setting in Sedonapintopinterest

Sun setting in Sedona

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