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Scenes from Cambodia: Artisans at work

The Brit & I started our Cambodian journey in Siem Reap, jetlagged and dehydrated but determined.  In 3 days we visited 10 temples in 90 degree heat, flitted in and out of local watering holes to stay cool and ate our weight in spring rolls along with other Cambodian delicacies. But my favorite part of the trip involved watching artisans at work at various training workshops in Siem Reap.

In downtown Siem Reap is a little sanctuary called Artisans Angkor that trains locals skills on Cambodian craftsmanship.  Visitors can stroll through different workshops and watch the artisans practice their craft.  Further away from the center of town, on the road to Bakong temple, is a smaller operation called LO-YUYU.  A Cambodian pottery, LO-YUYU specializes in traditional Khmer ceramics and provides training to the underprivileged.  I was so enamored with the pottery that I visited twice, at first to add to my collection of ceramics and second to admire skilled hands – and feet – at work.

Of course, I couldn’t resist sneaking a few photos during our visits.  Here are a few images of the workshops we toured in Siem Reap.

Shaping in actionpintopinterest

Shaping in action


LO-YUYU ceramicspintopinterest

LO-YUYU ceramics

At the Prolung Khmer Pottery and Weaving Training Centre, Siem Reappintopinterest

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