Rail travel & wine routes of France

Just as I was beginning to look into planning an adventure for a semi big birthday next year I received an invitation to a wine tasting event hosted by Voyages-SNCF (previously Rail Europe).  Located in Piccadilly, Voyages-SNCF is the rail expert in European train travel.  For the event they brought in wine experts, Taste of the Grape, to run a no fuss, educational session on European wines.  It was perhaps the best cheese & wine pairing  I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, my favorite being a sharp goat’s cheese with a depth that was heightened by the level of acidity of the sauvignon.

But I wasn’t really just there for the wine.  I was more interested in exploring my options for travel, particularly something that revolves around French vineyards.  Only recently did I learn of the Medoc marathon where wine lovers/runners are able to combine their interests and make a big event out of it.  How disastrous & fun does that sound?!

According to the Voyages-SNCF brochure, the train journey to various French wine regions are within a short reach from London; the Loire Valley taking only 4 hours and 30 minutes and from there one could head south or eastbound to explore other wine routes.  I’m still in the early planning stage but the possibility of exploring the wine routes of France via the rail sounds like just the adventure I’m looking for. Voyages-SNCF-rail-travel-London-photos

Note: Here is a helpful guide to European wines by Voyages-SNCF and Taste of the Grape:  Wine ebook.

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