Postcards from a wintry Iceland

Our recent long weekend trip to Iceland could be regarded as a failure. The land of fire and ice has been a long standing destination on my hit list, mainly for the chance to see the rhythmic dancing green of the Northern lights. It turns out we arrived just in time to experience a windstorm so severe that it ripped out a sizeable piece of the road on route 45.  Without clear skies my hopes for a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis was dashed but in another way I experienced so much more than I bargained for.

Harpa-shadows-hello-candidsbyjo copy

Shadows cast in Reykjavik’s Harpa concert hall

Today I’m sharing a taste of our Icelandic adventure. Armed with a cherry red 4X4 complete with snow tires we drove through Reykjanes, southern Iceland and Reykjavik over 4 days.  After every winding turn we saw a landscape more extreme than the previous.  Never have I seen such a palette of white that enveloped our whole surroundings, as if we were explorers in a foreign planet.  I wonder just how different our trip would be if we were to visit in the summer, would Iceland look as dramatic?  We’re hoping to answer that question ourselves since we plan on returning for a proper road trip around the island!


The great thaw in Iceland


50 shades of Icelandic white

View of Thingviller National Park

View of Thingviller National Park

Journey to Gulfloss waterfall

Journey to Gullfoss waterfall

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Icelandic horses hamming it up for the camera

Icelandic horses hamming it up for the camera

Over the next few posts I’ll be offering suggestions on Reykjavik and tips on traveling to Iceland in the winter. During the trip planning phase I was surprised at how little information I could find on what to expect & safe travels in extreme Icelandic weather when self-driving.  Check back soon for more!

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