Moments in Maine on film

Fishing in Maine lakehouseThere is one week out of the year that I love the most. It’s usually August, I’m likely barefoot and most certainly my family and I are at a lake house in Maine. The grill worked overtime cooking up marinated steak tips, pork chops and chicken wings while one of us hightailed it over to a lobster shack or supermarket to pick up large red crustaceans for lunch. Sure, this New England state doesn’t offer the caliber of adrenaline of New Zealand or the exotic spices of Morocco but it is the only place that had me completely at ease.

Sunrise Maine lakeI arrived in Maine with a plan. Over the course of the week we’d stop at the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport for Mama Yee’s favorite lobster roll, Duckfat in Portland for milkshakes & fries and Sweet Peas in Ogunquit for ice cream. This would all be documented on Instagram of course. Instead we did laps around the lake on a paddle boat, napped on an oversized hammock and drank Pimm’s cocktails on the dock. I fought the urge to log on to my social platforms (save for a few Snapchats of lobster lunches and equally delicious nieces) and instead practiced what I’ve been afraid of for a long time: making films.It is an irrational fear I have and I’m beginning to suspect that a lot of photographers have it too. Just the mere mention of frames per second versus shutter speed would set me panicking. (Though I secretly think I am just allergic to technical jargon.) Earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and signed up for an online course taught by Xanthe Berkeley. I highly recommend the Make Films course to anyone who is just starting out on video or looking to learn. Xanthe demystified a lot of the process of filming & editing and provided plenty of inspiration to get her students started. What I’ve realized (and am seriously surprised about) is how much fun it can be.

Here’s a short clip of our time at the lake house in Maine. It’s by no means perfect but captures really well the mood and moments of our time there.

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