Hawaii through a lens & a bit of news

This is not going to be a typical blog post.

If it was I would wax lyrical about the paradise that is Hawaii based on a recent trip in March. I would dive into how the history of Hawaii and the arrival of laborers from different cultures (Japanese, Philipino, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese) at different times directly influenced what the local cuisine is today in the form of plate lunches, loco moco, masaladas and butter mochi to name a few. I’d share my findings that people with deep roots in Hawaii are extremely proud to be Hawaiian but regardless of whether one is born there all the inhabitants of the state are bound by the common tongue of local food despite hailing from different cultures. I’d say that I love the poetry in that, the concept of food as a language.

I would most certainly tell you to not leave Honolulu without dining at Koko Head Café, an all day brunch joint serving up island style dishes, by chef Lee Anne Wong. Firm favorites include the cornflake French toast topped with bacon and frosted flake gelato and the Koko Moco, a take on loco moco but with mastery of mushroom gravy with garlic rice and a genius addition of tempura kimchi. I would make a bold claim that I could suffer a thousand hours of jetlag just to have that meal again.



Maybe I would think of a few fun anecdotes on my travel mates, three other UK based photographers/YouTuber. How surprised I was to find what divas they could be especially for three lads (except for Ian the vegan, he was nice). But to offer a more balanced view they were also some of the hardest working content creators I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. And after the trip was over, I even came to miss their company and our road trips around Hawaii Island and Maui.

Big island lava rocks Hawaii candidsbyjo

But this is not a typical blog post. Why?

Because when you are 7 and a half months pregnant you can have silly putty for a brain where words and carefully crafted sentences start to fail you. And that is where I am right now: 30 weeks into my pregnancy with a catalog full of Hawaiian memories documenting our a submarine dive on the Atlantis in Maui, a helicopter tour over an active volcano on the Big Island and the dreamy interiors of the Ritz Carlton in Waikiki Beach and Maui but the right words won’t come to me. Believe me, I even tried to seduce it with cake over the course of the week.

Diamondhead lighthouse

Instead I will rely on these images that hopefully will give you an idea of the colours and textures of Hawaii that I was drawn to when behind the camera, all further encapsulated in the video below.

Note: I was a guest of the Hawaii Tourism Authority International News Bureau. All views are my own.


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