A rest stop in Cambodia

I finally got around to processing some more images I took during a two week trip in Cambodia last October.  It’s funny how when you step away from your own pictures for a while and then revisit, it’s not the “picture perfect” ones that you connect with but those that might be slightly awkward or blurry you’re more drawn to.  That’s the case in this instance anyway.

The images below weren’t meant to see the light of day (besides the picture of the women serving food, I love how graceful they looked) but at second glance I started to remember the scene of the 20 minutes we spent at a rest stop between Battambang and Phnom Penh.  There were two women who propped trays of delicacies (fried spiders for example) over their heads and sashayed through the groups of hungry tourists looking to sell their goods.  Working equally as hard were the other two women who stood by the counter and dished up a selection of roadside stews, noodles and rice to the less daring travelers. Some of us were unsure and the rest were too ravenous to care.

I’m not sure these photos will mean much to anyone else.  To me, it takes me back to the sweet, quiet kind of chaos that is representative of daily life in Cambodia.  And in this instance, it’s an example of how things/places don’t have to be pretty to be beautiful.

Cambodia_on_bicycleCambodia_street_vendorCambodia_delicaciesCambodia_dried_fishCambodia_still_lifeFor other images of my travels in Cambodia click here and here.

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