Burano beauty & a short video

Venice water taxicolorful Burano island, Venice photoThe concept of black and white must seem absurd for an island like Burano. There is no escaping the reach of colors in varying shades and intensity, not that I was looking to; here in Burano, roughly a 30 minute water taxi ride from Venice, it’s all part of the appeal. 
colorful Burano blue door in Venice

A few weekends ago, in the doldrums of a dark January, I left London for a food photography retreat in Venice hosted by Beth Kirby and Skye McAlpine and fed by Chef Aaron Teece. The contents of what I absorbed over four days are still swirling around in my right brain and I’ll leave it to bloom for a bit longer before I share some wonderful memories of the workshop in a separate post. Instead I managed to put together a short video on the retreat which you can find at the end of this post.
Burano scenes collageBut let’s also look to Burano the island of lace and famed for its boldly colorful homes. We spent half a day in Burano with part of it taking in one seafood course after another (think baby octopus, langoustines, smoked swordfish, gnocchi scampi) at Al Gatto Nero.

The other half of our excursion was in the form of a photo walk. I loved being able to wander without the apprehension of getting lost, to actually get a sense of the island with no specific purpose but to be there and capture the idyllic surroundings. The fear of missing out seems to not exist on this small island.
Burano to Mazzorbo island in Venice photoWhile most of the residents were in church we roamed their island’s streets and marveled at what they’ve left behind exposed for all to see. I couldn’t help but laugh at what I now consider to be fact: the people of Burano must be as colorful as the homes they live in.colorful Burano homes in VeniceBurano silhouettes in Venice photo
Burano Il Gato Trattoria seafood gnocchicoloful buildings in Burano and San Martino church tower photoVenice Carnivale masksBurano blue house in Venice photoAnd here is a short montage of the Venice retreat. I’m still learning the tricks of video so please forgive some of the shaky footage.

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