Behind the scenes: Portugal food tour

Over the last few posts I shared some of my thoughts on Portugal’s food, people and culture.  For the last of the Portugal Food Stories series, I thought it’s time to introduce you to the people who experienced the trip with me and some behind the scenes fun.

With love from the #PortugalFoodStories crew

The fantastic five
There were five of us from different parts of the world with varying backgrounds.  Starting from the top, then clockwise from the above picture:

  • Andras – from Hungary, is a food writer/blogger and marathoner with an affinity for espresso & carob cake
  • Gaia – from Brazil, is a writer, traveler and former MTV vj.  She’s also the most photogenic person I’ve ever met.
  • Roxanne – hails from India and writes about her culinary adventures as The Tiny Taster.  Among her many talents is the knack for languages & perfect voice impersonations.
  • Jo – UK/US hybrid, has a huge appetite for seafood & pasteis de natas.
  • Inma – from Spain, basically hasn’t stopped traveling since I met her two months ago. Lover of sunsets & hotel pools.

I really couldn’t have asked for better company to tour with.  Any initial wariness of spending so much time with strangers dissipated as soon as I met everyone.

Roxy & Andras sizing each other up...

Roxy & Andras sizing each other up…

Portugal-Food-Stories-behind-the-scenes (11 of 12)It’s not all fun & games
You’ll laugh when I declare that there is stress associated to all this traveling and eating.  In a little over two weeks we covered over 28 towns/cities throughout Portugal with very little time left to decompress and absorb all that we’re seeing and doing.  The need to be “on” at most times can be particularly exhausting (esp for introverts!) but of course a job needs to be done so we powered through – we are professionals afterall 🙂

Here’s an example of what it looks like as we’re waiting for our meal to arrive:

Wifi addicts

Wifi addicts

Really, we are a socialable bunch!

Really, we are a sociable bunch!

Of course it’s not all work and no play, that’s far from it.  Here are a few outtakes from when at one time or another we’re all feeling a little zany.
Portugal-Food-Stories-behind-the-scenes (4 of 12)Portugal-Food-Stories-behind-the-scenes (3 of 12)

Portugal-Food-Stories-behind-the-scenes (7 of 12) Miguel, our amazing guide, driver & fixer. Needless to say, we drove him a little nuts.

Miguel, our amazing guide, driver & fixer. Needless to say, we drove him a little nuts.

Portugal-Food-Stories-behind-the-scenes (6 of 12)

Inma making friends

Portugal-Food-Stories-behind-the-scenes (5 of 12)

Well known fact: Andras is the master of selfies

Portugal-Food-Stories-behind-the-scenes (8 of 12)

There are many reasons why I shouldn’t partake in wine tasting before noon… (Photo by Andras Jokuti)

I hope you enjoyed my series on Portugal.  It couldn’t have happened without Aptece arranging such a great itinerary for us, for more information on the organization click here.

And that’s a wrap for me folks.  I’m now knee deep into Thanksgiving preparation in Boston.  Cross your fingers for more food successes than failures!

Note:  the Portugal Food Stories trip was organized & sponsored by Aptece.  All views are my own.

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