The making of a creative journal & a fun GIVEAWAY

It was as if I was transporting state secrets. Stored in a small compartment in my luggage on a return flight to London were two spiral bound journals that documented my many adolescent years of self doubt, confessions and petty grievances. I had meant to shred evidence of their existence when I cleared out old belongings from my mother’s basement but as embarrassing as the contents of the journals are I couldn’t bring myself to strip away that part of my history. The journals are once again hidden away but it got me thinking about how I want to document this stage of my life, one that encompasses a renewed creative curiosity and this scary new experience that is motherhood.

What if I work on a journal that doesn’t cause me embarrassment? One that celebrates the little things or documents the wonderful moments and memories rather than focus on the negatives that plagued each page of my old journals. What if this journal is fun to keep and contains much more than just an account of day to day life?

I repurposed an old Traveler’s Notebook and armed myself with washi tape, watercolor markers and a stamp set to start pages which include my favorite quotes, a list of books I’ve read so far in 2017 and travel notes. In the last few months I’ve also used my journal as a way to organize chaos (appointments, weekly meal plans, half year goals etc) but even more so as a therapeutic tool to step away from an increasingly digital life and back to crafting with my hands.

One of my favorite ways to populate the notebook is with photos. Over the last few months I got in the habit of carrying around my old Instax instant camera to take pictures of special moments. As much as I love that camera it did get a bit redundant since I also wanted to capture photos with my iPhone and dSLR. So when I found out about the Instax Share SP-2 printer and how you can print digital captures on Instax film I was sold. For my latest journal entry on the birth of my newborn baby, Adeline, I was able to print iPhone photos of her first picture since birth along with other special moments with her grandparents and the Brit. With the printer I love that I can pick and choose which photo to print rather than the sometimes hit or miss capture with a film camera. And really, these special moments happen within a second (such as when she flashes her grand smiles) and the only device I’ll usually have on hand is my smartphone. I can also imagine the printer being really handy for the journal’s travel entries as well.

Instax Share SP-2 printer GIVEAWAY

I’m excited to announce that I’m able to offer my first ever giveaway! Fuji Film were kind enough to offer me an Instax Share SP-2 printer to give away to one lucky UK-based reader. To enter just leave a comment & your email below and a winner will be chosen from a random draw and contacted on Monday, 13th November 2017. The printer is such a great gadget I’m thrilled to be able to share the love, best of luck to you all!


Note: My Instax Share SP-2 printer was a gift from Fuji Film UK. All opinions are my own.

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