onefinestay :: Thanksgiving in London

It’s that time of year again where a gathering with a grander feast than usual is upon us with a very large bird taking front and center stage. Thanksgiving means something a little different for many of us who celebrate. For my younger cousins it means gathering enough sustenance to last them until their annual midnight shopping madness known as Black Friday. My mother & aunts embrace the holiday as coveted time to spend with the family and also to fuss over what Asian elements they can incorporate into our dinner; this year it’ll be Vietnamese style-egg rolls, noodles and I’ve heard talk of a roast duck that will sit alongside the more traditional bird. I especially love this aspect of their tradition in “improving” an old Thanksgiving tradition.

For me, the importance of Thanksgiving has changed since I became an expat. What originally was just a gateway holiday to Christmas and New Years for me is now one about stripping down to one component: time.
Thanksgiving decor arrangement details photoI’m giving thanks for time this year since I do not believe I have ever given it proper credit. I’ve always heard how fleeting it is but only recently realized just how so. With my grandmother getting even older and baby niece growing ever faster the little time I do get to spend with them becomes even more precious.

On that note, I’m now running out of time as there is a pie to be baked for our big dinner this evening. I’m currently in Boston for Thanksgiving but wanted to share a few images of the One Fine Stay Thanksgiving photoshoot that was held in their Duncan Terrace home in London last week. Thanks so much to the One Fine Stay team for having me, Alex from The Pickled Fork for the beautiful meal and Kathy for styling out the space.
Thanksgiving prep setting the table photoAlex Motture Thanksgiving prep photoThanksgiving pumpkin decoration photoAutumn floral table bouquet photoThanksgiving set table photoOne Fine Stay thanksgiving wineThanksgiving autumn set table overhead photoOne Fine Stay Thanksgiving set table photoThanksgiving turkey rosemary photoThanksgiving sides greens almonds photoThanksgiving table autumn colors photoThanksgiving roast potatoes photoThanksgiving pass the turkey photoThanksgiving dinner photoThanksgiving dinner pumpkin pie pumpkin seed brittle photoThanksgiving dinner cherry pie photoThanksgiving after the meal photoThanksgiving after the meal wine photo

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