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Payday Lunch at Sushi Samba London

Dan, my friend & ex-colleague, and I meet up periodically in the City to catch up and lunch.  This past March we ventured to Sushi Samba London, a popular City of London restaurant that serves up a  fusion of Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian dishes.  Despite the mixed reviews I was eager to sample my first taste of Nikkei cuisine with a Brazilian twist, it was payday lunch after all. Sushi_samba_londonpintopinterest The 38th Floor of the Heron Tower is a photographer’s dream.  The abundance of soft light accentuated the bold and colorful interior of the restaurant.  This instantly brightened my mood from the cloudy day and set the tone for a delightful lunch. I suffered a bit from sensory overload as our dishes arrived. So many vibrant and aromatic dishes to capture yet the piggy inside of me just wanted to stuff my face.  The piggy won but I did manage to capture a few snapshots of our meal. Sushi_samba_crispy tacquitos_yellowtailpintopinterestI started with the yellowtail crispy taquitos  with avocado and roasted corn miso.  Awesome textures and a fun burst of tangy flavors from the ceviche and lime.  Look how crunchy the baby taco shells look! Sushi_samba-kuromitsu_glazed_pork_belly_wrap_pintopinterestThe kiromitsu glazed pork belly wraps isn’t for everybody but I thoroughly enjoyed the almost overwhelming saltiness from the thick cut of pork belly that is just balanced out by the proportionately sized bibb lettuce.  These were also fun to just pop in your mouth and savor in one bite.Sushi_samba-hamachi_kamapintopinterestThis plate of fish surprised me.  Sizzled from the open area robata (Japanese charcoal grill) it arrived at our table as the finale.  We dug right in and found tender meaty fish that was so delicate it kept me wanting more.  A few spritzes of lemon juice brightened it right up . Sushi_Samba_London_interiorpintopinterestIt was a hefty price tag for lunch (we spent £75 for two people, no alcohol) but I enjoyed the meal and experience a lot more than I expected to.  Sushi Samba London is worth a second trip.

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