Shoot daily photo challenge :: week 3 roundup

The theme for my week 3 shoot daily photo challenge was Perspective.  I enjoyed looking for different view points, ones that I wouldn’t necessarily see if I weren’t actively seeking it.  My motto for the last few days was look up, look down, look all around.  It got me a little dizzy but was well worth the effort 🙂


After watching Tim’s Vermeer I went to visit London’s National Gallery to have a look at the master’s paintings. I also fell in love with other new favorites such as Van Gogh’s Crab Studies, Pieter de Hooch’s Interior with a Woman Drinking with Two Men and a Maid Servant, Harmen Steenwyck’s Still Life: An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life and Gerrit Dou’s Poulterer’s Shop. Long story short, I will definitely be returning to the Gallery soon. The shot I chose from my reel that day is of the stairs leading to the Central Hall. I loved the light creeping up the stairs.


The Tate Modern is currently exhibiting a large textile installation from Richard Tuttle. When looking at it head on, from the main viewing area I wasn’t very intrigued but by changing my point of view I found it so much more interesting. I loved the drape of the fabric along with the color palette, so beautifully sensual contrasted with the backdrop of the museum’s industrial looking skylight.


My image for day 17 doesn’t really fall into the theme but I was shooting a lot that day for a recent blog post so gave myself a pass.


I’m really lucky in that I don’t have to travel very far to admire amazing architecture in London. My favorite building is the ever so grand St. Pancras Hotel, minutes away from where I live. Its neighbor, King’s Cross Station, doesn’t disappoint either with its interior. The second floor platform offers great views of snakelike curves and a web that spreads upwards.


I was lucky enough to be invited to The Imperial, a gastropub in Fulham, for the launch of their new menu by head chef Jason Cole. I’m not exaggerating when I say the 6 course menu we tasted had EVERYTHING I love: roast duck, melt in your mouth pork shoulder, sea bream, makarel, and chocolate mousse. I’ll be posting more photos and a review up on the blog in the next few weeks. The photo I shot for Day 19 is probably my favorite one for week 3 because of its vantage point. Who doesn’t like to take a peek of chefs hard at work?


I’ll be the first to admit that Instagram has taught me quite a bit on photography especially when it comes to looking down. I try not to overdo it with the feet shots on my Instagram feed but when there are beautiful patterns or tiles I just can’t help myself.


I had to cheat a little on Day 21 and snap an easy one: a silhouette of naked branches against a grey sky.

I was a lot more motivated on week 3 and hope that it shows in the photos.  We’re headed to Prague this evening for a short trip so hope to catch some architecture shots for week 4!

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