Shoot daily photo challenge :: week 2 roundup

During week 2 of my shoot daily photo challenge I lacked a bit of motivation.  My work schedule and dreary London weather is partly to blame but mostly I just couldn’t rally and spend an hour each day out in the cold.  The silver lining for me is that I did actually take a photo each day and I tested other functionalities of my camera so… hoorah!

The theme of the week was Fill The Frame which is a great challenge for composition & styling/posing in particular.  I had varying degrees of success with the theme so I might revisit it sometime soon.  Here are the photos from the last 7 days:


So I didn’t exactly fill the frame here since the color of the rose petals are just so striking(blinding).


I was food styling at the Good Things Magazine photoshoot that day. While the photographer was shooting the S’More Millefeuille by Smoke & Salt, I decided to shoot the ingredients instead. And then I ate it 🙂


I was fed up with feeling so lethargic that I started having a daily green juice. In the photo I love the color and details of the kale.

11-12-Jan-2015-selfie-candidsbyjo copy

I’m not a big fan of posting pictures of myself but those two days were desperate times. I opted to stay in and work the self timer on the camera with a tripod. With the Fill The Frame theme in my mind I also had to figure out posing in conjunction with the dwindling light.


This beaut of a car was parked in our courtyard. I should have captured it better but it started pouring down with rain so I ran back in opting to save the Sony instead.


I met a friend for afternoon tea at the Landmark Hotel in London. There was a lot to photograph but I was having too much fun catching up with Julie. P.s. Lemon curd on scones with clotted cream is delicious!!

This past week was a little tough for me in terms of dedication to the shoot daily photo challenge but I guess it’s not called a challenge for nothing!  I won’t let this past week defeat me and will demonstrate better effort next time around. Tune in next Thursday for the week 3 roundup with a brand new theme.

You can find the results to the week 1 roundup here.

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