Pizza Rossa :: fueling City workers one slice at a time

I thought I’ve tried it all when it comes to pizza: deep dish, stuffed crusts, pizza bagels and, even, fruit toppings.  Then last week, just outside the bustling Leadenhall Market in the City of London, I was introduced to a base uniquely different to my favored thin crust created by the folks at Pizza Rossa.

Corrado Accardi, founder of Pizza Rossa

Corrado Accardi, founder of Pizza Rossa

Pizza Rossa is a new eatery that serves gourmet pizza by the square slice, perfect for time crunched City workers.  It currently occupies a popup venue near Leadenhall Market with plans to open up two locations in the City of London over the next few months.  Pizza Rossa was fueled in part by Corrado Accardi’s (the CEO & founder) quest for quality pizza on the go and the crowdfunding community who provided enough capital in just 17 days .

I stopped by the venue last week for their pizza masterclass to learn about their process which produces reheatable pizza without sacrificing taste or texture.  Chef Lucca demonstrated that with a bit of patience (24 hours of it to be exact, for the fresh yeast to settle) and the use of quality ingredients (of which 80% is sourced straight from Italy with the rest from Nife is Life) a good slice isn’t far behind.  Another differentiating factor is the lower levels of gluten, yeast and salt which makes for a more digestible pizza with lower calories.


Chef Lucca & his shadow hands


We were also put to work in making our own dough.  It was a bit messy but somewhat therapeutic and great fun.  We were all pleased with our little dough balls that were to be brought home to be rolled out and left to prove for 20 hours.  But first we feast.
Pizza-Rossa-masterclass-photos-Joanna-Yee-3603Pizza-Rossa-masterclass-photos-Joanna-Yee-3617Pizza-Rossa-masterclass-photos-Joanna-Yee-3658Imagine a thinner, focaccia-like pizza base that offers a surprising crisp crunch without the salty oiliness.  It’s light but holds its own under the weight of additional toppings.  I was particularly taken with the caprino con nochi, speck e miele (passata, mozzerella, goats cheese, walnuts, speck ham & honey) for its unique medley of flavours.

Back at home I wasn’t quite as successful and failed to impress the Brit with my handmade pizza.  I mentioned earlier that the process requires patience, one important attribute that I tend to lack when it comes to food.  I rushed through the rolling process and created a base that was far too thick and didn’t cook it long enough.  It was far cry from what I had at Pizza Rossa, thankfully I know just where to pick up a splendid slice.


Note: I was attended the pizza masterclass as a guest of Pizza Rossa but views are my own.

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