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London lunching: Momo Restaurant

Finally, I’ve made a list. One that contains the names of London restaurants that I’ve meant to try in the last two years of living here but never willed it to happen.  On the top of that list sits Momo.

A recent craving for Moroccan fare finally led me to the London food quarter, an oasis of trendy restaurants just off of the pedestrian-packed Regent Street, where Momo seems to be hidden behind a thicket. Upon entering, I’m mesmorized by the colors, decor and the familiar scent of Moroccan spices. Immediately I was won over by the magical space before me.  There was a cavernous feel to Momo, much like the cave-like dwellings in Cappadocia that I was fascinated with during my last trip to Turkey.

Momo London interior 2pintopinterest

Momo London interior 1

Momo London interior 2pintopinterest

Momo London interior 2

The food was comfortably familiar to what my friend & I enjoyed in Marrakesh and Fez. For someone who doesn’t tend to eat bread (a waste of good real estate in the stomach in my opinion) the khboz is a treat.  The wood pigeon bastilla, a labor intensive specialty, is an appetizer that satisfied both my sweet & savory tooth.  Bite into it and different layers of texture plays in your mouth. The crisp of the filo pastry, crunch of crushed almonds, and the comfort of meat can lure you into the depths of its individual flavors.  My kofta tagine arrived sizzling on the terracotta plate, not quite ready to consume but that didn’t stop me from trying.  Unfortunately, I scorched the roof of my mouth but the taste of garlicky, lemony charmoula sauce and minced lamb pushed on through.  It was a meal enough to expedite an epic food coma.

A dining experience at Momo certainly can’t be categorized as cheap eats but should be bookmarked as the perfect restaurant when you’re in the mood for authentic Moroccan food in a setting with an abundance of flair.

Momo Londonpintopinterest

Momo London

Kofta tagine with eggpintopinterest

Kofta tagine with egg


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