London food & lifestyle photography workshop in session

A man peered through Lyle’s large windows as I pointed my large lens at a lone tomato.  It must have been a funny sight to see 13 people in an otherwise empty restaurant with cameras strapped around their necks and one particularly photogenic tomato on a table.  What is this madness?

A few weeks ago I joined forces with Sarka Babicka & Olia Hercules to pool our knowledge together and teach a food & lifestyle photography workshop in London to a small group of food bloggers, writers and photography enthusiasts. We hosted the workshop at Lyle’s, where the I can vouch the quality of light has never been any less than magical, even on a gloomy day!

Snacks and drinks to fuel us for the day; photo by Sarka Babicka

Snacks and drinks to fuel us for the day; photo by Sarka Babicka

During our planning phase we had envisioned an intimate gathering for a creative and inspiring day together. We wanted to create an open environment so everybody could have access to us and freely ask questions and we could in turn help troubleshoot.  I was so pleased when this all fell into place as soon as we started! We spent some time demonstrating key points before the attendees broke out into groups for their practice sessions.  Immediately they were applying what we had covered such as colour theory, choosing props, food styling and composition.

Here are some shots from the day and if you make it to the bottom you’ll find my first stab at creating a short video.

Source: Sarka Babicka

Me in action; photo by Sarka Babicka

Props from West Elm, photo by Sarka Babicka

Props from West Elm, photo by Sarka Babicka




Source: Sarka Babicka

Celebrating the end of the workshop with Campo Viejo cava; photo by Sarka Babicka

Source: Charlotte Hu

Photo by Charlotte Hu

You can have a look at some of the results of the day from the attendees with this hashtag on Instagram: #sjphotoworkshop.  I really couldn’t be prouder.  Also, here’s what they have to say on their experience at the workshop:

Natural Kitchen Adventures
Skillet & Shutterbug
The Little Plantation

Last but not least, I’d like to extend a big thank you to our sponsors their generosity:

West Elm for all the gorgeous props we used, Natoora provided stunning produce, Innocent quenched our thirst with their new line of coconut water, Campo Viejo helped us celebrate the end of the workshop with wine & cava, Joe’s Tea & Good Beans cold brew kept us perky in the morning and fresh throughout the day, Cereal Lovers provided granola for our breakfast scene shoot & 100percent natural foods brownies for us to take away in our goody bags.



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