Friday fave: London Wellcome Collection

London Wellcome Collection spiral staircase

Step into the Wellcome Collection and you’ll be greeted by a bronze statue standing upside down from the ceiling.  You won’t be able to help but laugh.  It just looks so funny standing there!  Within a minute of entering the building I was already pleasantly surprised by the Wellcome Collection.
London Wellcome Collection upside down sculptureFor years I resisted visiting, even though it’s just a 5 minute walk from my flat, because it’ll be too “sciencey” and therefore not interesting to me.  Last week, as I was in the desperate throes of procrastination, I headed out with my camera and basically couldn’t put it down once I arrived.  This spiral staircase alone was worth coming for a little shoot. (As a side note, I love how photography friendly London museums have become!!)Wellcome Collection London staircase

The Wellcome Collection is a free museum that links connections between science, life and art in a fun, quirky manner.  Interspersed around the museum are medical artifacts, paintings, sculptures and books, lots and lots of books.  In addition to housing a library there is also a whole room for visitors to relax and read in calming silence.
Wellcome Collection Medicine now exhibition

I spent the majority of my time circling the room, flipping through books and trying not to break the random artifacts that were lying around.  At some point during my visit I realized just how much I miss being surrounded by books and made a mental note to come back to read and for some me time – without my camera.

Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection

Reading Room

Inside the Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection

Inside the Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection Reading Room booksWellcome Collection Reading Room dressWellcome Collection restaurant cafe

For those looking for a bite there’s a cafe in the ground floor and a light filled restaurant, Wellcome Kitchen, across from the Reading Room.  I refueled in the restaurant which produced a surprisingly decent spring risotto but lackluster service. (By the way if you’ve visited a museum in London that serves good food I’d love to hear from you!)
Wellcome Kitchen restaurant interior

Wellcome Kitchen dress
The current exhibitions include one on human sexuality and one on forensics.  The CSI fan in me couldn’t resist stopping in Forensics: The Anatomy of a Crime.  There were several items displayed that were relevant to the Jack the Ripper cases including a plate camera used to document evidence on his last victim.  The exhibition is on until the 21st June, I highly recommend stopping by.  I didn’t have time to peruse the others but don’t doubt I’ll be back to visit before long.Wellcome Collection Medicine ManWellcome_Collection_London_candidsbyjo-7Wellcome Collection
183 Euston Road

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