Food photography props & London car boot sales

I spent the weekend foraging… not for food but for food photography props.  Yes, this might be a telltale sign that I’ve gone completely insane, the BF certainly takes it as such.  But hear me out… I just discovered the world of car boot sales in London.  For my non-British friends, a car boot (trunk) sale is equivalent to a flea market.  You may now feel the same glee I did when I first realized.

Car boots up and open for business in Pimlico
ISO 200 | f2.8 | 1/800 sec | 16mm w/ fish eye attachment

With the weather on my side, I set off to St. Augustine’s car boot sale by Kilburn Park on Saturday, paid my 50p entrance fee (£3 for early bird entry) and trolled around looking for kitchenware.  Half an hour later and £5 poorer I left with 7 items, one of which is a funky fish corkscrew (see last photo) which retails for over £20 but cost me 50p.  I also witnessed some verbal sparring between a vendor and an unhappy customer.  It was in another language but based on the hand gestures I reckon a curse on one’s family was put into play.  I felt so alive.

Salt & shaker set at Capital Car Boot Sale
ISO 200 | f2.8 | 1/2000 | 16mm w/ fish eye attachment

On Sunday I ventured to Pimlico for the Capital Car Boot Sale.  It was bigger & definitely better.  Sellers sprawled out in the Pimlico Academy parking lot and into the building.  The admission fee was £1 (£5 for early bird entry) and everything was for sale: kids games, old cameras, household items and even a mini trampoline (£5). I would also say the quality of the items were superior to the goods at St. Augustine’s.

Table of goods at Capital Car Boot sale
ISO 200 | f2.8 | 1/200 sec | 16mm w/ fish eye attachment

I won’t detail every purchase made over the weekend but I will share some of my favorite finds:

Wooden cheese board & knife set (£5), butter knife (£1.5) with a platypus handle and a fun-shaped fork (25p)
ISO 100 | f2.8 | 1/20 sec | 16mm

Fish corkscrew (50p) & wooden plate (£1)
ISO 100 | f3.5 | 1/10 sec | 19mm

All in all I spent £15 this weekend on kitchen items.  Most will be used for food photography purposes only (everything has been washed twice already) but I am already looking forward to putting the cheese knife & board set and potato masher (not shown) to real use.

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