Exploring interior photography at Burger & Shake

Lately, seemingly from out of nowhere, I’ve become drawn to space.  Whether in a cafe, shop, or restaurant where natural light filters in and shadows are cast, I have developed a strange desire to capture my surroundings on camera.  Maybe it’s the influence from some of my favorite photographers such as Alice Gao or Russell Smith or maybe it is no longer enough to photograph just food, instead there is an urge take it one step further and explore the spaces where food is enjoyed.

And so to scratch that itch, I dipped a toe into the world of interior photography at Burger & Shake, a new burgers & milkshakes joint by Russell Square.  I was initially drawn to the simple retro-esque decor and big windows at the front of the restaurant that welcomes in an overcast London light… and of course there’s always the allure of a thick frothy milkshake.

Armed with my Canon 7D and 24-70mm lens my first plan of attack was to isolate a small section of the restaurant within a frame.  The challenge was to determine which aspects of the scene should be included or omitted and boy was I surprised to learn how much harder that is than it sounds.  How do you decide what the viewer should see when there is so much?  My approach for this shoot is to provide a glimpse of the space by isolating each area that would work together as a whole to tell the story. Below are the shots from my first attempt at interior photography.

CLOSE MENU .... .... ....