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Afternoon tea is an age-old tradition in England that has withstood the fast-paced nature of the modern world and I’m just beginning to understand why.  I’ve always been a coffee and pastry person, it’s quick, casual and satisfying, but as the days seems so much shorter and a to-do list ever longer, I now see the draw of taking the time to enjoy a pot of tea along with a selection of sweet & savory finger foods.  An experience that should always be enjoyed with a friend.

Luna & Curious afternoon tea set Sanderson HotelI recently met up with fellow expat and friend, Julie, to sample the Mad Hatter’s Champagne Afternoon Tea at London’s Sanderson Hotel.  Though I’m not usually big on themes the concept of an afternoon tea experience fashioned after Alice in Wonderland seemed uniquely charming to me. I loved the details and the playfulness of not only the tea set (the tea pots are adorned with black paper crowns), made by Luna & Curious for Sanderson, but also found the food equally as whimsical.  There’s not much fun that could be added to the savoury selection but the sweets were delightfully decorated and  tastes just as good as it looks with the creamy mango cheesecake, ‘tick tock’ traditional sponge being my favourites.  My sweet tooth also got a good jolt from unique flavor combinations in the matcha green tea and white chocolate mousse in a dark chocolate tea cup and a sweet & tart sensation from the ‘drink me’ potion.

The colorful nature of the afternoon tea doesn’t just stop with the serving ware and food, it is prominent in the furnishings throughout the Courtyard Garden where we ate and seeps into the hotel’s bar area with one-eyed illustrations on the back of the bar chairs down to the main lobby where a vibrant red sofa is shaped in the form of big lips willing for sitters.  Spend a few minutes in the Sanderson and you’re bound to be amused by its personality.

Sanderson Mad Hatter afternoon tea London

Sanderson Mad Hatter afternoon tea LondonSanderson Mad Hatter afternoon tea LondonSanderson London Mad Hatter afternoon tea

Note: I was a guest of Sanderson’s but all views are my own.

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