Spiced :: Masala Monsoon photoshoot

It’s been quite a start to the new year here at candids by Jo headquarters.  Despite taking 5 days off for some R&R I still managed to catch a cold, which only leads me to believe there really is no rest for the weary.  Which is fine by me if every day is all about shooting.

Recently I took on a new project for Masala Monsoon, a line of blended spices based on the aromatic garam masala, a new venture by Sumayya Usmani.  If there is someone who can develop spices that complements a wide range of foods it is Sumayya.  Being a beneficiary of many post photoshoot meals, I’ve always left marveling at the flavors and all too eager for our next project.

One of the tasks at hand was to demonstrate the versatility of each of the 3 spices: Jasmine Petal, Rose Petal, and Marigold Petal Garam Masala.  Sumayya devised a wide-ranging menu that does just that, including: chicken biryani spiced with Jasmine Petal Garam Masala, roast lamb & veggies with Rose Petal Garam Masala and pineapple fruit salad topped with Marigold Petal Garam Masala.  How I managed to stay on task and not devour everything first is beyond me – I take this as a sign of a true pro!

As the prop stylist, food stylist and photographer I found it easiest to sketch out a few ideas to base the final shoot.  Not only does this generally save time on the day of the shoot, it ensures variability on the types of props used and the angles with which to photograph.

Here are a few shots from the Masala Monsoon photoshoot:



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