SousVide Supreme: a succulent sirloin

Rather than prepare pb&j as an afternoon snack my sister and I, when we were just teenagers, would fire up a pan and cook up either cook up steak tips or sirloin.  I don’t recollect how we started our own strange trend but it’s a habit I haven’t completely shook off.

Sirloin steak with thyme

A few weeks ago I was kindly offered a SousVide Supreme as a loaner to test out a relatively new technology for cooking.  Imagine a water oven that allows you to preserve the nutrients of food intact when cooking and guarantees that it will never be overcooked – that is the SousVide Supreme.  I’ll admit, I was hesitant to test this water oven as I am, unashamedly, a late adopter when it comes to trends and technology but I was curious as to whether it really works.  So I decided to test it out on my traditional afternoon snack.

Fancy gadget: SousVide Supreme

Fancy gadget: SousVide Supreme

To set up is fairly simple: fill the water oven to the indicated level then set the desired temperature according to what you’re cooking.  While the SousVide Supreme is bringing the water to the specified temp (about 10 minutes), start vacuum sealing the food.  I seasoned my 1/2 inch thick sirloin with salt & pepper after applying a garlic rub then vacuum sealed it in a small pouch – this is the process that allows the preservation of nutrients.

Vacuumed steak

Once the water oven has been brought to its specified temperature, stick in the vacuum sealed pouch and turn on the timer … and you’re free!  Part of the beauty is that there’s no supervision required as the SousVide Supreme cooks to the desired temperature.  The downside is that you do have to wait a bit for the cooking process. (For a 1/2 inch thick sirloin cooked to medium rare takes about 40 minutes.  If I were to pan fry it would take about 6 mins on high heat.)  After the steak is cooked to 134F/56.5C, I seared the meat on a pan for 1 minute to brown the crust and cook up some shitake mushrooms.

Sirloin steak Unfortunately, the meat was just slightly overcooked – not from the water oven but from searing the steak for too long.  My bad.  However, it didn’t really matter that it was a tad over done, the final result was a tender steak that emitted subtle flavors from the garlic rub and spices.  For sure my 14 year-old self would have enjoyed it just as much.

For you SousVide Supreme users, you can find the steak recipe here.



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