Silver linings 2016

Every December I tell myself the same old lies; I will spend the month working only on personal projects, ones that would refill my well of inspiration. I will practice new skills gleaned from the last twelve months and challenge stale notions of making a photograph. I will dedicate time to read books stacked next to my desk that has reached the height of a coffee table. I will even go for a run and do my taxes ahead of time.

But like previous years, despite good intentions I ran out of time and the will to resist paid work. What I did manage was a cinemagraph of a chocolate cake with coffee creme frosting and hazelnut & rosemary brittle. Making a moving picture has been on my list of goals for the last two years. I love the subtle movement that can bring life to a photo adding to the thrill of the viewer in spotting it. I love the emphasis that time is not still and it makes me wonder what might be happening just outside the edges of a photograph.

2016 was not the sweetest of years (I’ll spare you my list of grievances) but surely if I dig deep enough I could find a few silver linings. It has been quite a year of culinary travels: Macedonia, Venice, New Zealand, Morocco and Greece to name a few. I’ve learned to not fear making films and now actually enjoy it. I’m writing more often, the exercise itself acting like a pensieve for the unrelenting thoughts and worries that swirl in my head.

I am cautiously optimistic about the year ahead. It will be one of goodwill, new perspectives and creative growth. I anticipate another year of new destinations and am already looking forward to D.C., Hawaii and China. And even more so, I am excited to continue to share and find inspiration from an ever expanding creative community.

But enough about me, what are you most excited for in the New Year?

New Year sparkle cake photo

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