Scallion pancakes: Saveur style

In honor of Saveur Magazine’s 150th issue I decided to try out one of their recipes using only ingredients I had in stock.  The result is … very random I might add… scallion pancakes.  It’s a good thing there is no kimchi in the fridge or I would have tried to sneak some in there.

ISO 200 | f3.5 | 1/20 sec | 50mm

The BF was not impressed with the end product and what’s worse is I can’t blame the recipe (as per usual).  My mini-food processor just wasn’t man enough to handle the dough and from the pictures you can see that the pancakes could have spent some more time under the rolling pin.

I’ll likely just keep ordering scallion pancakes from restaurants instead but if you’re interested click here for the recipe.  Do feel free to brag about it when yours come out scrumptious as they are meant to be.  Happy feeding!

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