Revisiting old rituals & a blueberry custard tart

Having just survived my first week back in the corporate world – after a 10 month hiatus – I needed a weekend that would ease me back to reality.  So I spent half of it in the kitchen.  In a few summers’ past, my Saturday morning ritual involved a trip to Whole Foods then a long afternoon of cake baking, in search of the perfect cake for grandma’s big 80th: Boston cream pie, New York cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, then finally settling on a custard tart topped with an assortment of fruit.

Borough_Market_blueberriesBorough_Market_blueberriesIt was after being seduced by a small pint of blueberries during last Friday’s lunch break that I attempted to revisit the old Saturday morning ritual that was left behind in Boston. 


It turns out blueberries make a great accoutrement for a custard tart, even an imperfect one – where the egg custard is slightly too dense and the crust is thicker than the filling.  Evidently I’m a little rusty at making tarts but thankfully I have a whole summer ahead of me to perfect the craft. I also fully plan on enjoying the benefits of working in the City, which is its proximity to Borough Market.

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