Patience & preserved lemons

Spring cleaning was in full effect at the flat.  While BF was busy cleaning the windows over the weekend – thereby wiping clean my lovely-ghettofab diffuser for natural light – I was hard at work clearing hard drive space of unwanted photos from the start of this year.  Then the sad reality hit me: it’s been 4 months since my trip to Morocco.  Not only am I astounded at how quickly time flew by but worse – can it be that I haven’t had a tagine since January?!  This needs to be rectified.

It turns out pickling lemons is a messy affair.   Surely there are still nuggets of lemon-salt-peppercorn crusts lurking in the kitchen somewhere.  But in 3-4 weeks it’ll be worth it, I’m told, as it’s a crucial ingredient to a worthy tagine, and so I patiently wait.  Yes, I could have just bought a jar of preserved lemons off the shelf but I couldn’t resist spicing up my homemade version with some Maldon sea salt and black peppercorns; equally so, let’s not be silly and think that I would pass up the opportunity to photograph these vibrant, fresh lemons.

In the meantime I’ll be booking dinner at Momo for a quick fix for some traditional Moroccan flavors that I so embraced during those five memorable days in Morocco.

Preserved lemons with sea saltPreserved lemons

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