Mom’s health tonic: ginseng & goji berry tea

After not having seen my family for 9 months I fully expected my mom’s exclamation about me looking malnourished, she says this even when I’m pleasantly plump.  It was my sister’s offer to take me tanning that took me aback.  I’m not entirely sure if the dismal London weather is to blame or if my body is starved of the nutrients that my mom’s soups and tonics normally provide.

ISO 100 | f3.2 | 1/40 sec | 50mm

ISO 100 | f3.2 | 1/40 sec | 50mm

Two weeks of sufficient overnourishment later I am plied with a big square box of ginseng chips by my aunt to brew tea with.  To complement the ginseng mom tossed in a ziploc bag of goji berries.  Then, as if my carry on luggage is actually Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, another aunt stuffed in a heat-sealing travel tumbler to keep the tea warm.  Yes, all these things can be purchased in London but it matters not.

I’m told that the ginseng & goji berry duo is an all around immune system booster and full of antioxidants.  It can also miraculously give the drinker a healthier complexion.  I haven’t noticed the effects yet but I am loving the tint of mint from the ginseng and a slightly sweet aftertaste from the goji berries.  Health tonic or not, I can drink this vibrant color combination any day.

ISO 100 | f4 | 1/20 sec | 50mm

ISO 100 | f4 | 1/20 sec | 50mm

Here’s a quick & easy recipe for the tea:

400 ml hot water
4 ginseng chips
1/2 heaping teaspoon goji berries

In a big mug add ginseng and goji berries followed by hot water.  Cover and let brew for 20 minutes.  Drink while it is still warm.  Also, the goji berries are edible so feel free to enjoy!

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