Kitchen failures & meringue ghosts

It’s finally Hallow’s eve!  Is it me or has this October dragged on for longer than 31 days?  Nevertheless, I didn’t feel right posting something non-Halloweeny on the day of so I present to you a family of not-so-spooky meringue ghosts:

Meringues are extremely easy to make, especially if you follow this (practically) foolproof recipe. I did encounter a slight problem with my piping bag sweating out the filling so I quickly gave up the swirls and just plopped two big spoonfuls of meringue on top of each other, hence the two large blobs in the back.  Despite the mini kitchen failure (and poor paint job on the eyes) I will say that they were delicious meringues, a nice crisp of a shell on the outside with a soft and chewy interior.

I’ll be looking to make these again for next year with hopefully improved skills.  Till then, Happy Halloween!!!

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