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In a taco state of mind: pulled pork & kimchi tacos

My mind has been infested with thoughts of tacos, particularly Lilly’s marinated pork taco, since my return from California.  Over the last seven nights jetlag has pulled a number on me.  I’d be blissfully asleep by 11 pm but as soon as 2 am creeps into the night/morning I’m awake … and hungry with just one craving, tacos.

Pulled pork & kimchi tacos pintopinterest

Pulled pork & kimchi tacos

I’m not sure how I decided on making pulled pork & kimchi tacos during my jetlagged state since I’ve never had it or even heard of it before.  But as soon as I thought of the combination it was stuck in my head and resurfaced every morning at 2 am.  Frustrated with the lack of sleep and a hunger for tacos that wouldn’t quit I withdrew the frozen pork belly reserved for kimchi jigae and marked it for my next experiment.

Pulled pork and kimchi tacos inspired by my last trip to Californiapintopinterest

Pulled pork and kimchi tacos inspired by my last trip to California

This wasn’t the most successful of experiments so I don’t have a worthy recipe for you.  It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t… delicious.  To give it some credit, the taco did satiate my intense cravings and I thoroughly enjoyed making pulled pork for the first time.  However, next time I’ll ease up on the kimchi and skip the gochujang sauce as it was too heavy and overpowered the pork.  As for now, I’ll just look forward to having a good night’s rest.

Say yes to zestpintopinterest

Say yes to zest

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  • Jacqueline @How to be a Gourmand

    Even though it didn’t quite hit the mark – it still looks very tempting! I am so impressed you were able to make this in the middle of the night. I’m currently experiencing jetlag and wide awake until 4am each morning but I couldn’t muster the strength and motivation to cook at that time.ReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      Jetlag is so frustrating isn’t it? Hope it doesn’t last too long for you, I’m just getting over mine! The motivation came from the incessant growling of my stomach, I was scared it would wake Mark up, haha.ReplyCancel

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