Healthy-eats initiative: Pasta with kale & lentils

Tired of feeling like a blob from all the comfort foods I’ve indulged in as of late, I commenced my healthy-eats initiative on Monday.  The challenge is to dine healthily 5 days of the week with the remaining 2 days slated for what my stomach desires.  While the BF is wondering what he’s done to deserve this terrible fate I am looking forward to trying new recipes that might surprise my palate and skim the mental weight off.

I am pleased to say there have been more successes than failures this week.  One dish in particular that is worth a mention is the pasta with kale & lentils.  I was initially drawn to this recipe because it didn’t require many ingredients and looked simple enough to make.  As the onions started to caramelize in the pan I found myself excited for the prospect of its sweetness joined with the peppery crunch of lentils and the mild bitterness of kale.

This dish certainly provided a warm, wholesome comfort I didn’t anticipate but heartily welcomed.  I would recommend throwing in a 1/2 teaspoon of chili flakes for an extra kick but the recipe is tasty as is.

I’ll be continuing my healthy-eats initiative for the next four weeks.  If you have a recipe that might help me in this challenge please enlighten me!

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