Friday fave :: the perfect serve of Boursin

I’ve been on the go lately as wanderlust has inevitably crept in to my spring and now summer plans. And since the Brit has some time off in between jobs we are looking forward to touring Vietnam and driving through New England over the next few weeks. On the days that we’re both home I’ve been savoring the evenings where I have the luxury of time to experiment in the kitchen, which helps me feel more grounded (and keeps me away from emails!). I love working with the different colours of food and countering their textures while marrying flavors. My experimentations have yielded a few successes including a recent French-inspired take on Boursin’s shallots & chive perfect serve.

My creative getaway to Paris occurred a few weeks ago but the influences and inspiration I drew from that trip continues to percolate. So when Boursin asked me to share my idea of a perfect serve with their Shallots & Chive soft cheese I knew I wanted to pay a little homage to my recent trip and indulge on a whiff of France with the Brit.

Boursin ingredients flatlay

The leafy red radishes were the first to catch my attention when I visited the Parisian food market. I admired its punch of colour and how it evokes that sunny essence of spring & summer. Back home in London, I sought out French radishes at my local market along with a stick of crusty french bread and a crisply chilled bottle of Cote du Rhone. Pistachios and the Brit’s favorite olives also made it into my basket. I had quite the treat planned for our evening in.

Boursin Shallot Chive radishes photoshootBoursin Shallot Chive on french bread with radishes

The final result was a great balance between the crunch of sliced radishes, toasted pistachios, and a thick slice of french bread. Sandwiched in between was the softer texture of the slightly aromatic spreadable cheese. Adding an extra dimension of flavour were the olives taken with each bite of our indulgent treat and further enhanced with a glass of crisp white wine.

Recipe: Boursin Shallots & Chive with radishes & olives
serves: 4

1 stick french bread, sliced
1 packet Boursin Shallots & Chive soft cheese
1 bunch radishes, sliced
50 g pistachios, toasted & crushed
100 g olives

Top each slice of french bread with a generous portion of soft cheese.  Then layer sliced radishes with a sprinkle of pistachios for crunch and colour.  Serve with olives & white wine on the side.

Boursin Shallot Chive radishes on bread

I’ll be having a picnic in London with friends on the 4th of July and am already planning to share my latest creation with them. Perhaps a few capers will go a long way too.

Update: Boursin is currently running a competition where the prize is dinner for 2 at Le Gavroche, you can enter by answering a simple question here.

Note: I was commissioned to take part in the Boursin campaign. Recipe & views are my own.

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