Food beauty: Polish golumpkis

The recent fall chill in London has me yearning for Polish golumpkis.  I suppose this meat stuffed cabbage dish should be added to my comfort foods list since it has brought me great comfort in the past.  It’s been a while since I last spent the time to parcel up each cabbage roll and let it bathe in tomato soup for what seems like hours on end.

Vegetarian batch preparing for a tomato soup bath
ISO 100 | f4.0 | 1/50 sec | 42mm

Instant gratification this dish is not.  It requires at least an hour of prep time and a further 1.5 hours of baking;  the perfect amount of time to reminisce of the people I broke bread with when this Polish classic was first introduced to me.  I looked back to my college days, spirited roommates, trip to Wallkill, NY and panicked state when trying to get into a bar with a fake ID.

Polish golumpkis (non-veggie batch) with sour cream
ISO 100 | f4.5 | 1/50 sec | 85mm

Then the timer went off and I’m scratching my head as to how I’ll manage to make these belly warming rolls look appetizing to someone who has never delighted in it before.  The white cabbage wrapper, after its sauna in the oven, is now translucent with a light tinge of green and soaked in a red-orange soup.   (For a before view click here.)

I chose to illuminate from behind hoping the halo-like effect softens the harsher qualities of the dish.  For detail I added the casserole dish and crusted lid in the back.  I’ll admit this isn’t my best food beauty shot (thank goodness) but I could have done a lot worse.

Starting lunch off with the runt of the batch
ISO 100 | f3.5 | 1/400 sec | 85mm

Then came the best part of my afternoon: the first bite.  I was not disappointed in the least though it doesn’t compare to that time in Wallkill.  I’m determined to improve the recipe to live up to its original standards; you’ll hear from me when I do.

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