Eating with the season: Diana Henry’s ricotta with summer berries & honey

After two years of making a mental note to stop by the Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market at London’s Torrington Square, I’ve finally made it. The market was teeming with a hungry lunch crowd that warm Thursday afternoon and long lines had already formed at several stalls by the time I arrived.  In the midst of it all, I noticed one vendor in the middle of the action with a colorful array of seasonal produce on his table and in the few stacks of crates beside him.  I walked closer and there they were, the juiciest raspberries that glistened like rubies.  I took two punnets home and knew exactly what I wanted to make with them.


Earlier this year I added Diana Henry’s A Change of Appetite to my ever growing collection of cookbooks.  Admittedly, I bought the book for the astounding food photography by Laura Edwards (it’s truly beautiful) but having tried 3 of the recipes already I was confident I’d like this 4th one: ricotta with summer berries and honey.

It was refreshing and comforting all at once.  I deviated from the recipe a little since I was feeling brave and preferred to use the ingredients I already have in my pantry.  So instead of orange blossom or thyme scented honey I drizzled my coveted white truffle honey over the ricotta and raspberries, dusted some icing sugar (as recommended in the book) and sprinkled chopped pistachio nuts for texture and color.ricotta_raspberries-Joanna-YeeI couldn’t stand taking too much time on an adhoc photoshoot so snapped the first few shots with my iphone and at the very last minute before I was about to dig in, I took one macro shot just to preserve the little beads of honey on camera.

If you’re looking for a seasonal spring/summer dish with just 4 ingredients, you’ll do well with Diana Henry’s foolproof recipe.

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