Fiery cravings: dal tadka, bhindi curry & coconut basmati

Since I’m not one to deny food cravings I spent most of my Saturday in the kitchen surrounded by various spices, lentils, and a very large mound of okra. The inspiration comes from a recent dining experience at Tayyabs where I was reacquainted with my particular fondness for karahi bhindi (okra curry).  And so, to satisfy a craving for one particular dish I slaved away for what ultimately became a feast for two.

On cooking okra:
Those of you who have had the pleasure of cooking okra before know that it can get a bit slimy.  One way to avoid the gooey factor is to completely dry the okra after washing then cut it up – be sure to avoid okra contact with any liquids until cooking.  I learned this trick at a cooking class in Kerala and it has served me well.

A full spread

My Indian feast

Recipes for each of the dishes can be found in the below links:
Dal Tadka
Bhindi curry
Coconut basmati rice

It is only after this meal that I realized my appreciation and taste for Indian cuisine has developed – although having cravings for it is a dead giveaway.  Perhaps it is time to invest in an a cookbook to further explore the flavors of this cuisine.  Do you have a favorite Indian cookbook that you would recommend?  If so, what is your go-to dish?

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