A sweetened Sunday :: Pakistani treats

This past Sunday was one of the sweeter ones I’ve had in a while.  Though I’ve pretty much reverted to my regular diet after the 3 week detox, I have been resisting what I crave for most, caffeine and sugar.  An exception was made over the weekend when Sumayya introduced me to her addictive homemade treats: a Pakistani-inspired Victorian sponge cake and cashew semolina halva with damson puree.

Before tucking in we, of course, got to work to set up a few shots.  I rummaged through my favorite part of my lovely hostess’s house – her prop room – and secured a few pieces to complete the picture.  Layering is something I wanted to explore this time around and so I stacked props upon props for greater visual appeal.  And tada… not too shabby huh?


CLOSE MENU .... .... ....