A homecoming soup: chunky minestrone with potato & rosemary sourdough bread

Two weeks on the road seems to have taken a slight toll on me, my skin’s a mess, sleeping pattern is a bit wonky and bank is account is looking depressed.  I know, it’s unlikely I’ll get any sympathy votes for being on vacation, besides it was well worth the state I’m in.  BF & I had an adventurous time cruising the roads of California, Arizona and Nevada stopping off in LA, San Diego, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Santa Barbara. I’ll cover the highlights in another post, today I focus on rejuvenation.

A satisfying portion of chunky minestrone soup

A satisfying portion of chunky minestrone soup

Upon our return to London all I wanted was a big bowl of hearty soup with the heat on in full blast (a reminder that we’re really not in California anymore).  I decided on a chunky minestrone that packed a whole lot of nutrients and would serve as a satisfying meal all on its own.

I’ve included the minestrone soup recipe here from the Food Network. The only modifications I made was to substitute chicken stock for veggie and kidney beans for pinto.  This is a highly customizable soup (which is probably why it’s so popular) so you can just toss in the veggies according to your taste and voila you’ve got a winner.  I tend to prefer my soups thin and brothy which is what the recipe provides, if you prefer a thicker version just puree 4 ladles-full and incorporate into the rest of the soup.

Though the soup alone is plenty I purchased bread from Waitrose to accompany the meal.  The sourdough bread was a wonderful partner to the minestrone, adding a bit of fun to the already vibrant flavors of sweet, sour and savory.   I also had some meatballs prepared for this batch but in a delirious state of jetlag and obsessive picture making I completely forgot about them!  I guess I know what I’ll be having for lunch. 🙂


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